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Google Reunion Ad Video Must Watch

Google Reunion Ad Video: (Must Watch)I first heard about this video in "The Hindu Tamil" newspaper dated 4/12/13.
Its a advertisement video by Google for its Google Search 
But its not just a advertisement , the way it was created is really nice.
Its about an old man who is sharing about his old friend Yusuf and the day they played together in Lahore and how me miss him after the India Pak partition. After hearing this, His daughter contact Yusuf (Using Google Search) and bring him to Delhi as a surprise to her Grand pa's Birthday.
The advertisement speaks lot.
Hope you also will enjoy the video (Video you can watch below)

Download Tamil books free in PDF format - Project Madurai

Download Tamil books free in PDF format - Project MaduraiProject Madurai - A open & Volunteer initiative project to collect and publish free electronic editions of ancient tamil literary classics.
They did a very good job.
Best wishes for Madurai project by Digital Native Team 
We can download more than 400 books in PDF format from If you wish to contribute to Project Madurai you can join them by sending a mail to

My personal thanks to Project Madurai for releasing the Novel "Ponniyin Selvan" written by Amarar Kalki in PDF format.

Enjoy downloading and reading Tamil books.