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TASMAC Is it possbile to Abolish?


Brief History of TASMAC:

TASMAC is a company owned by Tamilnadu Government which handles the wholesale and retail sale of Alcohol in Tamilnadu started by M.G.Ramachandran then CM of Tamilnadu in 1983.

TASMAC is having around 30,000 workers and around 6500 shops in Tamilnadu. This company posted 183 crores profit in 1983 and in next 18 years its growth was abrupt reaching around 18000 crores. It is estimated that TASMAC is attaining 20 percent growth every year so it acts as a big economical support to Tamilnadu Government.

Problems with TASMAC

Regarding TASMAC it also have some serious social problems too

First TASMAC make the people to easily get alcohol in near by shops since TASMAC is easily accessible at any time.It is eating the savings of people even for many it is eating up their entire wagesIt is creating social problems like unwanted situations in families, drunk and drive accidents, robbery etc. like above we are facing many effect due to TASMAC

In case of e…